Happy New Year+My Resolutions (2019)

Happy New Year! OMG, I literally cannot believe that it is officially 2019! I can't wait to have a wonderful new year. I tell you what's funny, whenever I will write the date at school I'll keep forgetting to write 2019! Shoutout to you if this happens to anyone reading this. So Happy 2019 everyone!… Continue reading Happy New Year+My Resolutions (2019)


Why Did I Stop my Blog For a While?

OMG I MISSED YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Hi everyone, okay that's so much better and calmer. Hey guys! As you know I haven't posted anything in over a month and I shall explain why if you read on. If I'm being honest I really did miss my blog and my readers and the anticipation of… Continue reading Why Did I Stop my Blog For a While?