My Trip to London

Hey everyone. The first thing I  need to do is send you all a big apology for not uploading anything for THREE weeks. I mean what’s up with me? But the reason for that is because we travelled to London (just got back yesterday) and I was busy developing this post, you know taking pictures and all. But now that I am back, I hope you all enjoy all the pictures I took. So, let’s get started!

IMG_2204IMG_2205This first picture is of the Harry Potter Shop at Kings Cross Station at Platform 9 3/4. I am sure that many of you are familiar with this series and the shop and that I do not need to explain anything. I bought a lot of things such as 3 metal wall signs, an acceptance letter, and the marauder’s map. I really love all of these things since I am a huge fan of Harry Potter. The second picture is of the trolley next to the shop, where I also clicked pictures, and bought one as well. 

IMG_2301.JPGIMG_2180.JPGThese pictures are of when I was in the London Eye which is like a really big ferris wheel which takes 30 minutes to complete and I clicked a few pictures while we were in it. The second one is a picture of the London Eye, but I am sorry that some of it is covered.

IMG_2245.JPGThis picture is of a really beautiful park we visited and I thought it was really breathtaking so I decided to take some pictures.

IMG_2181This picture is pretty obvious, London Fish and Chips! We ate this on the first day and it was really delicious, you guys should try it. 

20181027_132752.jpgThis picture is of a really famous river also known as the River Thames. This picture is one of my worst ones, but is the only one I could find! This river is very long and i should know, I walked the whole length of it!

IMG_2214.JPGThis is the last picture and is of the change of guards which we watched at Buckingham Palace. It was really fun and enjoyable to watch and of course I took a lot of pictures!

I really hope all of you enjoyed reading about my trip and if you did, make sure to like this post and follow my blog if you haven’t already! I’ll see you again with another post next Saturday!

Screenshot_20180807-143655Yusra Patni, out for the day!



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