Busy Weekend- MUN

Hey everybody! How are all of you doing? I hope you had a fantastic weekend. I know I definitely did! I had a lot of fun wherever I went, and I shall be telling you all about it! Shall we get started?

First of all, as you can probably read from the title of this post I had a busy weekend because of MUN which also stands for Model United Nations. The headquarters of MUN is in New York City. You all probably know about MUN, but if you do not, then I shall be telling you all in this post.

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 9.14.32 PM.pngSo, basically MUN is basically where every person is a representative of a country and they have to research and know facts and programs about their country. I was assigned the country Thailand and I researched a lot about it. So, we were all in different committees and I was in the general assembly. There were 3 topics for all 3 days, and we had to research them and come to the conference prepared with resolutions which are basically solutions to the problems. We went to KAUST- King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. It is a university, but it also has a school and is like a very small town. I had an awesome time there and it was a really good experience for me.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and if you did, then make sure to give this post a like, and share it. Follow my blog if you haven’t already. Tell me in the comments below what you would like my next post to be about! 

Have You Went to MUN Before?

Did you know what MUN stood for?

Would you like to attend a MUN conference?

Let Me Know!


Yusra Patni, out for the day!


7 thoughts on “Busy Weekend- MUN”

  1. We have Model UN too! I’m not going to the conference this year but hopefully in next year or after. So glad you had a good experience! I love debating and world issue topics too (I dont like issues but I like working towards resolutions)

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  2. We have MUNs too… It’s pretty exhausting yet interesting to research about all the stuff going around us….the UN charter is a little tough to remember though

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