Top 5 Fave Movies

Hey guys! I am really sorry that I haven’t uploaded anything in such a long time, but I was really busy with school. Oh and I have a uploading schedule. Every Saturday, I shall upload a post about anything, but every Saturday, I shall write a post. Oh, and I’m also thinking of hosting a poetry competition right here on my blog! Tell me in the comments sections below if you think that is a good idea! So for today’s post I shall be telling you all my tip 5 fave movies! So let’s get started!


51UOkdSv7SL._SY355_1. My favourite movie of all time is High School Musical 3. 

61355Ei+n0L._SY355_2. High School Musical 2 is my second fave movie.

HSMposter3. High School Musical 1 is also one of my favourite movies.

open-uri20150422-12561-1ib8thw_070c67f04. My fourth favourite movie is The Pacifier.

51FYADRE80L._SY445_5. Last, but not least is The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

So, this was it for today’s post, and I really hope you all enjoyed reading this and getting to know me a bit more. Make sure to like, follow, and share my blog for more posts like these! I’ll be back next Saturday with another post!

Have you Watched These Movies?

Do You Have The Same Taste as Me?

Are any of These Movies Your Favourites?

Let Me Know!

Screenshot_20180807-143655Yusra Patni, out for the day!


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