My First Awesome Week of School

Hey all! What is going on in your lives right now? I am really sorry, I haven’t been on the internet lately, but I was busy settling in and catching up with everything going on with the first week of school. So, now I figured should tell you all how the first week of school went. 

downloadMy first week of school was AWESOME! Seriously I am not even exaggerating, because the first week of school is always the best one. I attended all 5 days of school, and I bagged all the good seats next to my best friend, so that was awesome! I also really like all my teachers because they are really helpful and knowledgeable and kind and really nice as well. My favourite teachers are the teachers from history, science, spanish, and P.E.! My favourite subjects are P.E., Science, and English! 


I guess this was it for today’s post, and I know it was quite short but really this is all I have to say for my first week of school. PLEASE make sure to like this post, and follow my blog and share! I really hope you all enjoyed this post and I’ll see you all soon in another post!

Screenshot_20180807-143655Yusra Patni, out for the day!


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