🤔What Are My Hobbies?🤔

images (11).jpegWhat’s up? Welcome back to my blog if you have been here already and if you haven’t then make sure to follow this blog where you can read a lot of amazing content. (At least, I hope it’s amazing). So as you can probably tell from the title this post is going to be all about hobbies. By that I mean, my hobbies, why I  enjoy them, and so on. This post was requested by someone called noglmil. So here goes:

images (12)So, my first hobby which is also probably my favourite hobby is: Reading! Now I am sure that those of you who read my blog can relate to this because DUH you’re reading this blog. I love reading so much because it calms me down and pulls me into a completely different world. A world which wipes away all my worries and problems. I read like pretty much all the time and never want to do anything else.

images (13)Now, moving on to my second hobby, writing. I love writing so much, it also calms me down and I am actually trying to write a book, and whenever I get bored I jot down short stories and sometimes poems.

images (14).jpegNow, this is my last hobby, and it may sound weird to some of you, but it is writing on my blog. This is kind of similar to the hobby above, but this is not only writing on my blog, but posting, visiting, interacting with other bloggers, reading new blogs. So, in short it means the blogging community. I love blogging and interacting with other bloggers, reading their posts, and so on.

So, this was pretty much it for today’s post, and I seriously hope you all enjoyed it. Make sure to give it a like, and follow my blog if you haven’t already. Also, I am thinking of buying a personal domain. Tell me in the comments below whether I should or shouldn’t.

What Are Your Hobbies?

Are Your Hobbies The Same As Mine?

Why Do You Enjoy Your Hobbies?

Let Me Know!

Screenshot_20180807-143655Yusra Patni, out for the day!


9 thoughts on “🤔What Are My Hobbies?🤔”

    1. Oh I also enjoy swimming but for fun, design, maybe a little bit. However, I absolutely detest cooking and acting. If I find time, I’ll check out your blog

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  1. I doubt you need a personal domain, Yusra. The free WordPress blog has worked well for me over the last six years. It has occasional annoying glitches, but so would one you paid for. Wait until you are close to your allowance limit before spending money. And that could take some time.
    My hobby is blogging too. And photography. But mainly blogging. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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